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How To Stay Safe Trick-Or-Treating During 2020

For those of us with kids, it’s top of mind now more than ever as to how to keep them safe while they go door-to-door. But short of sanitizing each piece of candy, where do you even begin? Read on for three KING-SIZED ways of staying safe during Halloween.

1.) Mask Up!

The CDC says not to use a costume mask as a replacement for a cotton face mask. It’s recommended if you’re under the age of two years old or have trouble breathing not to wear a mask.

2.) Stay outdoors

Trade a haunted house for a pumpkin patch this year to stay outdoors. The recommendation is 6 feet apart, and being outdoors with open-air is even better.

3.) Keep the candy remotely available

Wash your hands before handling candy and leave it bagged up and ready for trick-or-treaters to take to limit exposure.

Want more information? Visit this page by the CDC to learn about how to keep the beginning of the holiday season mostly normal in 2020.