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Are Background Checks Required?

There is no requirement for a business to conduct a background check during the hiring process. You read that right. What’s more shocking is that this is more common than you might think, with 28% of employers opting not to vet their new hires with a background check(1). Consider also that almost a third of the adult working-age population has a criminal record(2).

Trust is essential when you give a company access to your workplace after-hours. Ask yourself when you’re looking for a cleaning service: “Would I let this person take care of my home while I was away?” If it’s a “No.” Then you have found the wrong team. When vetting your next cleaning service, here’s a few things you can ask for:

1. A Certificate of Insurance. Insurance is a standard, not a luxury. Operating a business that involves someone else’s property and its security means there is no excuse to not have insurance.

2. How they hire their employees(pro-tip: Ask specifically how they plan to staff your building. If they aren’t hiring their own people, run the opposite way!)

3. How many years of experience do they have? Your time is valuable; hiring a team of competent professionals means one less thing on your plate.

With the amount of trust you’re putting in a cleaning service to take care of your workplace, it’s only right that the same level of respect is reciprocated.

Take the guess-work out of choosing a cleaning service. 1st Call Cleaning Services offers a free, 14-day trial, a sample cleaning, and we never have you sign a contract. Every applicant must pass a background check before we onboard them, and we’re fully insured.


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