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5 Easy Ways Your Office Can Help Fight COVID-19

With over 5 million cases in American as of mid-August and more than 20 million worldwide infections of COVID-19, it’s all the more pressing to have a safe and sanitary workplace.

Here are five ways you can easily fight the virus:

1.) Sanitize hard touch surfaces frequently.

Use a disinfectant. Don’t have the time or supplies? Click here to get a free quote for our service!

2.) Use hand sanitizer with at least 80% alcohol content.

Make this easily accessible and quick to apply at the entrance of your building for visitors and co-workers alike.

3.) Minimize close quarter contact.

Forbes gives a comprehensive rundown of how to make your virtual meetings more productive; Set objectives, assign both a timekeeper and someone to keep people on-topic. Who can say no to getting more done in less time!

4.) Wear a mask.

The CDC calls this “source control” as respiratory droplets get caught in the fabric rather than spreading to other individuals. Wearing a mask can also act as a barrier against airborne droplets.

5.) Stay home if you feel sick.

Remember, if you have flu-like symptoms, it’s best to stay home. As flu season approaches, vaccinations are all the more important. Here are the differences and similarities between the two viruses, as reported by the CDC.