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You and Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

Whether you are a small business office, a multi-tenant building or a medical or dental practice, do you need an office cleaning team that you can count on to show up when they are supposed to?

Have you dealt with “no call/show” situations by your janitorial service company and the angry boss and customers that go with them?

You demand a commercial cleaning company who is structured to provide the reliable service you need!

Do you really know who has your building’s keys at night? You want to be secure in the knowledge that your office cleaning staff are employees who have been background checked, not third party sub-contractors who have criminal records.

What happens when no one shows up when scheduled? Is your janitorial service doing all the tasks they agreed to or just a “trash and dash”?

Enough is enough!


This is a MUST for anyone thinking of changing their office cleaning provider!


Here are the most important factors to look for when soliciting bids for the cleaning of your offices:

  • General Liability Insurance/Workman Compensation: Texas is the only state that does not require employers to carry Workman Compensation insurance. If their cleaning staff get injured on your premises guess who is liable? Last year, one of our new clients dealt with this when the cleaning staff brought their children with them to the offices. A child climbed up on the desk and fell, sustaining an injury.
  • General Liability insurance covers computers or other valuable items in your business in the event they are damaged or destroyed.
  • BONUS TIP: Request a binder direct from their insurance company to ensure the coverage is current. Some companies let the policy lapse then produce an old certificate.
  • Have you ever had a cleaning company just stop showing up? How long have they been in business plays a role here, the longer the better.
  • BONUS TIP: Ask for 2 references who has been with them at least 3 years then actually check the references.
  • How do they pay their cleaning staff? Hourly or flat rate? It is common for cleaning companies to sub-contract out the actual cleaning to a third party and pay a flat amount of money versus an hourly rate. Why do you care? This practice encourages the cleaning staff to hurry through the cleaning tasks versus being thorough as they are not earning any more money for staying longer. Get ready for complaints from the boss tomorrow!
  • BONUS TIP: If hourly pay is indicated ask them what their minimum hiring wage is.  Hesitation or an indirect answer should raise a red flag here as this is likely the most important factor in running a cleaning service. Current market conditions dictate $10.00 per hour or higher for quality people

For more valuable insight in selecting a new cleaning company read our free “5 Step Guide to Getting Your Best Office Cleaning Quote”

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